Drone Photage

I have. Arranged a couple of trips around europe and a phototrip to Iceland. And i use a drone Mavic 2 pro together with a Nikon D810 for creating good quality photos and films.

I have work with some photomodels for shooting and i have also arrange some phototravels to Iceland and Faoroe islands.

If u want to book me for some Dronefilming and photage you can contact me at the following adress

Nils olof Nilsland

Email: wingcommander0@live.se

Mobil. 0762827315

Photowalk at Skäralids national park

It was really a joy for the eyes to see all the colourful trees at skäralid nationalpark which is situated 5 miles north of Malmoe. This is skärdammen which was created 1930 which made skäralid very attractive and it was alllowed to fishing here, but nowadays you have to leave your fishing gear at home and just enjoy the scenery.


We were about 20 people who despite the rain enjoyed ourself with a hike along skärån where you can enjoy yourself with long exposure shot


i have a thing for mushrooms and i dont mean eating it but it is always an interesting addition in a picture and i was happy finding this loner in the stream just sitting there by himself.


the colours in the autumn is magnificent even without sunshine and it is almost every photographers favourite period for getting out and try to catch the moment either if it is in Black and white or colour it is always exciting to see all different photos from our photogroup.


after we had passed the stream we had an 800 meter uphill walk to kopparhatten.


Kopparhatten is about 200 meter above sea level and has an amazing view over söderåsen and beyond that. As you can see it was a bit foggy today but that creates a bit of mystery and excitement in the picture combined with the lovely autumncolours.

Unfortunately after a long trip up we wanted to barbecue some sausages but there wasnt any place for this at the top so we decided to go back down to skärdammen were we started our hike.


this is a view of skärdammen as we walked down from kopparhatten it is truly an amazing view and it is a very popular hiking place. At this time of the year there are many photogroups that visit this place from all skånes region, i even met a group from Växjö its about 180km from Malmoe.



this is a view of the stream with a small waterfall that runs into skärdammen.

Across this stream there is a bridge that takes you to a tough walk up to Hjortsprånget a view point which is on the opposite side of kopparhatten. there is also a short hike round skärdammen which is a little bit less demanding and is also very nice and easy to get around.


ok here is the end of this trip i hope you enjoyed the ride and please follow my blog for new phototrips and events.